"First I want to thank you so much for giving Devin a day that she will remember forever! She has been excited for this since Christmas morning and you did not in any way disappoint. My night at work dragged on for what seemed like forever and hearing how Miss D couldn't wait for me to get home to see the pictures only made it worse. Devin is by far the most amazing woman I've ever met and you helped me find a way to show her that.

I appreciate you wanting her to talk with me about posting her shoot on your pages but it was in no way necessary. This was all about her for me as I know it was for you so I never for a second would question your judgment or hers. As long as she's comfortable I am too.

I just thought you should hear from someone close to D how important this experience was for her. I know it's a long way off but if you want to make a note of any ideas for Devins second annual Wiggoddess photo shoot you can. Count on seeing her again, she deserves it!  Again Clare thank you for everything you did to put a smile on my girls face."