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Important Insurance Information

I have provider status through two major insurance companies....

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I also work with the American Cancer Society

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If a person requires a wig while or after receiving therapy for Alopecia or cancer, they may be eligible to receive reimbursement from their health insurance plan.

Most insurance companies cover from 80% to 100% of your wig expenses.

Never file an insurance claim for a WIG! Always call it a "CRANIAL HAIR PROSTHESIS." Many, but not all insurance companies, attempt efforts to turn down claims for "wigs". They should have no reason to turn down a file for a cranial hair prosthesis if it accompanies medical therapy.

Your doctor should give you a prescription for a "Cranial Prosthesis". Save this and send a copy along with your claim file.

Your emotional well-being is an important part of your medical recovery process. If you encounter resistance from your insurance company, a letter from your doctor, spelling out that he "prescribed" the prosthesis, not for cosmetic reasons, but as part of your recovery program, should suffice.

If you are still denied ask for a review by the medical review board. Add to your original claim:

some before and after photos, a hand written letter about the emotional necessity for your prosthesis, letters from your employer as to why the prosthesis has improved your performance, and ask why the claim was denied

If you do not have insurance, most counties in the US have state social services departments which offer medical assistance for those who meet their financial guidelines.



Located in Vermont:  802-229-1112